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Global Insight's unique perspective provides the most comprehensive economic and financial coverage of countries, regions and industries available from any source.

The professional analysts, researchers and economists on our staff of over 450 bring expertise spanning 120 industries and over 200 countries. Every hour of every day, we collect and monitor data, provide forecasts and analysis and offer consulting advice to our clients in business, financial and government organizations around the world.

Our services are instrumental in assisting corporate executives, money managers, bankers, economists, planners, purchasing, marketing, resource managers and government policy makers in over 3000 organizations around the world in developing strategies, controlling risks and making key decisions.

Economic, Financial and Industry Analysis
Our comprehensive and consistent analytical system provides the foundation for an expanding array of economic and market forecasting services, focused on the assessment of business-related economic opportunities and financial risks. Our expertise, information and models consistently analyze and project:
  • Developed Markets-United States, Canada, Europe and Japan
  • Emerging Markets-Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe
  • Regional Markets-United States, Canada and Europe
  • Financial Markets-Securities, Interest Rates and Currencies
  • Major Industry Sectors-Energy, Automotive, Agriculture, Telecom and more
We provide you with outlook information and risk analysis for:
  • All Major Economies
  • Emerging Economies
  • Financial Markets
  • Geographic Regions
  • Industries

Data and Software Solutions

We maintain one of the largest privately available data collections in the world, covering:

  • Macro and Regional Economics
  • Industries
  • Financial Markets and Securities
  • International Trade

Our software provides outstanding navigation, analytical tools and presentation capabilities, helping you find information quickly, explore its implications and convey results throughout your organization. Our enormous store of information is organized in over 90 separate databases that can be accessed individually or treated as a single comprehensive collection.

Consulting Services

Global Insight's consulting services leverage our wealth of business, financial and economic information to analyze problems and provide solutions.

We apply the insight and expertise of our forecasting and analytical services to advise you about specific issues that affect your competitive position, investment strategy or policy positions by:

  • Investigating marketplace and global economic dynamics
  • Identifying the external market forces that will shape potential growth
  • Providing clear, concise recommendations to help you maximize opportunity and mitigate risk

Global Insight History

Global Insight was created with the purpose of combining the two leading economic and financial forecasting companies in the world - DRI (formerly Data Resources Inc.) and WEFA (formerly Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates) - to form the world's preeminent company in its field, operating as DRI•WEFA. Now that all client products and services have been fully integrated, the company has changed its name to Global Insight on October 28, 2002.

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