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China and India Will Lead Growth in the Mobile Market by 2011
United States Will Remain Largest Market by Revenue

Global Insight Report Launches New Telecoms Service
19 Apr 2007

Venture-Backed Company Growth Surpasses Counterparts
Companies with Venture-Backing Represent 17 Percent of U.S. GDP

State Economies Coast to Coast Benefit from Venture Investing
21 Mar 2007

Declining Home Prices Continue to Curb Rate of Overvaluation in Nation's Housing Market
Prices Reflect a Market Returning to Normal
19 Mar 2007

U.K. Corporate Bankruptcies Predicted to Fall 3% in 2007, According to Global Insight
Outlook for IT, Media, and Telecommunications Remains Positive
14 Mar 2007

EMU Corporate Bankruptcies Predicted to Rise 8%, According to Global Insight
Energy, Metals, and Raw Materials Sectors Face Higher Risks
14 Mar 2007

Global Insight Upgrades Sovereign Risk For Several Asian Countries;
Credit Watch Continues for some in Eastern Europe and the Middle East
05 Jan 2007

Rate of Overvaluation Drops in Nation's Housing Market
Declining Prices Reflect a Market Reverting to Normal
20 Dec 2006

U.S. Stock Market Sectors With the Strongest Potential in 2007: Healthcare and Consumer Staples
As Ranked by Global Insight's Stock Sector Rotation Strategy Advisory
18 Dec 2006

U.S. Corporate Bankruptcies to Rise 17% in 2007, According to Global Insight Forecast
Greatest Pressure is on Energy, Real Estate, Mining, and Metals
04 Dec 2006

Global Insight Introduces New Desktop Software Integrated with Microsoft® Office
DataInsight 3.0 Provides Comprehensive Data Navigation, Analysis and Graphics
16 Nov 2006

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