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IHS Global Insight's U.S. Regional Service provides you with in-depth forecasts and analyses, giving you the tools to evaluate a portfolio of local markets or perform an in-depth analysis of a single market, providing you with the information and perspective you need to make sound business decisions. Our clients come from the full range of:
  • National manufacturers and service-producing firms
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Government agencies: Local, state, and national
We provide you with comprehensive coverage on:
  • Economic performance at the regional, state, metropolitan, and county levels
  • Local market demographics
  • Detailed industrial structure
  • Residential real estate activity
  • Business demographics
Delivered through MyInsight, our client-access Web site, event-driven analysis of state and metro activity, as well as access to our extensive regional data repository, are available. Our quarterly forecasts draw on IHS Global Insight's U.S. and global macroeconomic outlook, and cover more than 200 performance indicators enabling you to:
  • Target the right markets
  • Select sites
  • Evaluate economic-development initiatives
  • Assess the potential impact of new or changed policies
Our team of regional experts covers all U.S. states, metropolitan areas, and counties using three key information assets:
  • A huge repository of local data
  • A top-down, bottom-up linked modeling system
  • Our multi-disciplinary team of experienced analysts

Products and Services

Related Products and Services

Custom Solutions

IHS Global Insight's dedicated team of regional experts monitors events and provides insightful analysis on a daily basis. Our experts use their modeling and forecasting skills to help clients with custom projects—such as impact analysis of policy proposals, transportation planning, regional market studies, comparative regional analysis, and presentations to boards of directors, management, and sales organizations.

IHS Global Insight's U.S. Regional Experts

Access to our senior-level analysts is one of the key IHS Global Insight benefits for clients. For more than 40 years, our expert team has provided an independent, fact-based macroeconomic and regional view of the U.S. economy and industries. Our U.S. Regional experts are fully supported by our 325+ economists and analysts worldwide with expertise in over 120 industries and 200 countries.

IHS Global Insight is the world leader in economic and financial analysis, forecasting, and market intelligence—with more than 40 years’ experience and an outstanding record for accuracy.

27 Jan 10
December State Employment: Not as Bad as it Looks

11 Mar 09
Revised U.S. State Employment Data Show Even Gloomier Picture

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