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Sovereign Risk Service

IHS Global Insight's Sovereign Risk Service provides a unique assessment of sovereign credit risk for over 200 countries worldwide, fully supported by IHS Global Insight's more than 40 years of experience in macroeconomic forecasting, country analysis, risk assessment, and comprehensive databases of economic, financial, and political information.

The sovereign ratings are generated in a systematic and consistent manner using a transparent analytical model based on the experiences of global lending institutions. The ratings are derived principally from a detailed examination of each country's key liquidity and solvency ratios. The assessment process also incorporates the current condition and outlook for each country's economy and political situation into the ratings, including public sentiments and policymakers' attitudes toward foreign creditors. These latter factors are of particular relevance in the weaker and less stable emerging-market economies of Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

IHS Global Insight's Sovereign Risk Service is also an integral part of our Advanced Country Analysis and Forecast Service and is delivered through our client-access Web site, MyInsight.

Service Features

  • Debt Statistics and Financial Ratios: detailed presentation of each country's balance sheet and debt-related statistics, including key external liquidity and solvency ratios starting from 1999 to the present, with a four-year forecast.
  • A Sovereign Risk Table: detailed, quantitative assessment of each country's financial, economic, and political attributes that could potentially affect its ability and willingness to honor its financial obligations.
  • Sovereign Risk Report: commentary and analysis of each country's sovereign risk-related attributes and their significance in determining the country's overall risk ratings.
  • Two signature sovereign risk ratings for each country: corresponding to the country's overall credit ratings over the short and medium-to-longer time horizons.
  • Comparative ratings presentation: IHS Global Insight's sovereign ratings benchmarked against other ratings, along with a "consensus rating" derived from ratings published by four separate rating institutions, including IHS Global Insight.

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