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Corporate Responsibility

How well do most companies understand the economic impacts of their activities and take action to manage them?

By understanding economic impacts, businesses begin to understand how they add value to society.

IHS Global Insight has the experience and unique understanding to help companies worldwide measure the economic growth, job creation, wealth effects, purchasing power, and financial and technological modernization their activities produce. IHS Global Insight powerfully communicates research results through reports, white papers, presentations, expert testimony, and roundtables.

IHS Global Insight's fact-based, independent analyses can help you:
  • Educate policy makers, address regulatory issues, and respond to compliance concerns
  • Reinforce the value proposition of a brand, specific products, or business lines by establishing and measuring primary and secondary contributions over time
  • Generate support for site location permitting processes, operating licenses, approvals, and funding
  • Enhance business reputation among key influencers, partners, stakeholders, and customers
  • Forward relationships with environmental, labor, and other interest groups
  • Evaluate the impact of economic development and tax revenue growth for government
  • Comply with the Global Reporting Initiative's Sustainability Reporting Guidelines on the economic, environmental, and social impacts of corporate activities, products, and services

Responsible Economic Impact Brochure
Case Study: Financial Services Leader
Case Study: Equipment Leasing Association

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