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IHS Global Insight provides capital equipment spending forecasts for industries in the United States and around the world. Our forecasts and historical equipment spending data help business planners and sales forecasters quantify their increasingly complex markets more accurately. Clients use our capital equipment spending services to track key end-markets, identify growth opportunities, and avoid risk by pinpointing market possibilities.

Products and Services

    Equipment Market Monitor
    IHS Global Insight's Equipment Market Monitor (EMM) makes it possible to evaluate and monitor the dynamics of capital expenditure on equipment in the United States. Covering 123 purchasing industries and 27 types of equipment, the time series are reported by end-user for all state geographies. Historical data extend from 1997 and are forecasted out 10 years. Both national and state-level data are available.

    World Truck Report
    The World Truck Industry Forecast Service focuses on medium- and heavy-duty trucks. It provides forecasts and analyses of truck sales and production in 25 countries, allowing manufacturers to identify growth opportunities and anticipate demand. Production is forecasted in total, by country, by manufacturer, and by GVW sector.
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    NAFTA Truck Forecast
    IHS Global Insight's NAFTA Truck Service provides truck manufacturers, material and component suppliers, leasing companies, and financial institutions with truck sales and production forecasts by GVW and manufacturer. Our macroeconomic models for Canada, Mexico, and the United States provide detailed industry growth projections that fuel five-year demand forecast for trucks within the NAFTA member countries.

    Truck Trailer Report
    IHS Global Insight's Truck Trailer Service provides trailer builders, material and component suppliers, leasing companies, and financial institutions with detailed trailer shipment projections and extensive industry analysis. Coverage includes key truck trailer markets and five-year demand projections for equipment.

    Freight Car Service
    IHS Global Insight's Freight Car Service provides detailed economic, freight traffic, and equipment analysis and forecasts. The quarterly report details the prospects for the U.S., Canadian, and Mexican economies; the key drivers of freight transportation; current conditions in rail, truck, water, and air transport; and the five-year outlook for major types of railroad freight cars.

    Pricing and Purchasing Service
    As part of our Pricing and Purchasing Service—which continually monitors and forecasts more than 750 global price, wage, and manufacturing costs—our team of industry analysts provides insight into capital equipment intensive industries, with projected growth trends for the next 10 years.
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    U.S. Industry and Risk Service
    The U.S. Industry and Risk Service assesses the economic health of 180 industries in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors of the U.S. economy. Our in-depth approach to industry analysis helps you measure individual market performance and assess sector risk.
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    World Industry Service
    IHS Global Insight's World Industry Service enables you to evaluate markets globally using our powerful, comprehensive forecast databases for 71 industry sectors in each of 70 countries. A key component of the service is the Capital Expenditure Indicator for each industry. This indicator shows historical patterns, and forecasts how much each industry will spend on capital equipment over then next 10 years.
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IHS Global Insight Experts

For more than 40 years, our expert team has provided an independent, fact-based view of the world's industries and economies. Our 325+ economists and analysts worldwide support the service with expertise in over 130 industries and 200 countries.

IHS Global Insight is the world leader in economic, industry, and financial analysis, forecasting, and market intelligence—with more than 40 years' experience and an outstanding record for accuracy.

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