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China Regional Service

Comprehensive analysis of the business climate in China’s 31 regional economies.

IHS Global Insight’s China Regional Service provides clients with analysis and forecast of China’s 31 regions. Our coverage of China’s business climate concentrates on the economic, regulatory, and political developments at the national and regional level, providing clients with a comprehensive picture of each rapidly developing market.

Whether interested in China for outsourcing, serving burgeoning Chinese consumer demand, or gauging the competitive threat of Chinese exports to your markets, we can help you to effectively evaluate risks and business opportunities in China’s 31 vastly differing regions with coverage of:
  • Regional economic conditions and outlooks
  • Business risk factors by region
  • Sector performance and strategies
  • Local political and regulatory environment
To provide the most accurate, comprehensive, and timely China regional data, IHS Global Insight has collaborated with the Chinese data company, China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Center (CEMAC), a unit of China National Bureau of Statistics.

Service Features

  • Same-Day Analysis
    • Daily analysis of key economic, political, and regulatory developments
    • In-country coverage—analysts based in Beijing
  • Risk Analysis
    • Individual provincial risk ratings covering: politics and security, economic conditions, investment climate, operational issues, and infrastructure
    • Risk scores updated as events warrant
  • Regional Forecasts And Historical Data
    • Data Source—China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Center (CEMAC)
    • 30-year outlook for 22 key indicators with quarterly forecast updates
    • City data (historical) for 92 top-tier cities
    • Extensive annual historical data and key monthly indicators for 31 regions
  • Regional Profiles
    • Economic conditions
    • Investment climate
    • Operational issues
    • Infrastructure
    • Politics/security
  • Access To IHS Global Insight’s China Experts

IHS Global Insight’s China Experts

IHS Global Insight’s Greater China experts, located in Boston, London, Beijing, and Shanghai provide you with superior coverage of China. In addition, our Greater China Team will call upon IHS Global Insight’s Industry and Consumer Markets expertise to further enhance our analysis of business conditions in China.

IHS Global Insight is the world leader in economic and financial analysis, forecasting, and market intelligence—with more than 40 years' experience and an outstanding record for accuracy.

23 Oct 17
Purported line-up for China's supreme leadership body indicates policy continuity and party-conventional constraints on President Xi Jinping

19 Oct 15
Chinese growth decelerates to 6.9% in Q3 on further industrial slowdown

11 Mar 15
China's real estate sector experiences record declines in early 2015, following dismal 2014

24 Sep 14
China's anti-corruption campaign to last "at least five years", with likely suppressive effects on real-estate sector


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