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Today's global economy is driven by a multitude of factors—from changes in local markets to emerging global trends. IHS Global Insight is uniquely qualified to assist you in understanding these developments and providing you with comprehensive data and state-of-the art information technology products that enable you to:
  • Quickly scan the world's economies and analyze changes in economic developments, markets, and risks
  • Perform in-depth analysis
  • Track key data releases
  • Monitor investment opportunities

Our Data Collection

IHS Global Insight maintains the world's largest commercially available databases of economic information, supplemented by an extensive collection of financial data. We update millions of time-series every day, which our clients and our own economists and analysts utilize in their ongoing analysis. The quality and integrity of our data is the cornerstone for our forecasting and consulting capabilities. Our collection includes:

Data Access Options

Our vast collection of historical and forecast data is accessible via a variety of navigation, retrieval, and analytical software options, which can access our entire IHS Global Insight database structure. Work directly in Excel to set up fast data downloads or to construct complex data tables. Or use Microsoft Windows or our browser-based proprietary application software to meet your data needs. The following are available:

The IHS Global Insight Data Advantage

With our vast repository of historical data and easy-to-use applications, IHS Global Insight's economic and financial data can help you analyze how countries, industries, markets, and securities reacted to past developments and project future behavior. Such analysis can be even more powerful when combined with our economic and financial forecasts, allowing you to identify new opportunities and control risks.

IHS Global Insight Experts

For more than 40 years, our expert team of data professionals has collected, checked, and organized data on countries and industries around the world. These knowledgeable specialists support IHS Global Insight's economists and analysts, and provide assistance to our clients in their use and interpretation of data.

IHS Global Insight is the world leader in economic and financial analysis, forecasting, and market intelligence—wth more than 40 years' experience and an outstanding record for accuracy.

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