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  • Pricing and Purchasing: Covering more than 750 commodities and global wage and manufacturing costs, you can improve the management of your supply chain and negotiate better contracts
    • Benchmark commodity buys versus market averages
    • Evaluate supplier quotes
    • Quantify the sources of price changes
    • Identify the best time to buy
    • Negotiate contract escalator terms
    • Develop budgets, compensation plans and COLAs
  • World Industry Service (WIS): Market sizing, Covering 94 industries in more than 70 countries
    • Sales
    • Strategic planning
    • Identify risk and opportunities across countries and sectors
    • Develop sales and product plans
    • Allocate resources effectively
  • U.S. Industry and Risk Service: Financial metrics, covering more than approximately 170 industries
    • Risk assessment
    • Portfolio management
    • Minimize credit risk
    • Benchmark company and sector performance
    • Analyze peer groups

Industry Practices

In addition to our thorough global industry analysis and detailed U.S. Industry coverage, IHS Global Insight has separate practices covering all major industries, with special emphasis and dedicated staff providing in-depth coverage for the following industries:

20 Mar 09
Steel Production Cuts: A Global Perspective

5 Mar 09
Construction Activity Falls, Material Prices Rise

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