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  25 Jun 10
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IHS Global Insight's Automotive Group provides industry analysis, forecasts, data, and consulting services for:
  • Manufacturers
  • Component suppliers
  • Financial organizations
  • Transportation companies
  • Government departments
We help you make the strategic decisions that sharpen your competitive edge in this complex, fast-changing industry by providing you with the information and tools to quickly and easily:
  • Evaluate a market's potential, risk, and opportunity
  • Quantify market-segmentation shifts
  • Analyze your competitors' product, market, and manufacturing strategies
  • Check the accuracy of your internal and customer forecasts
  • Assess technology-related risks and opportunities

With our unique global perspective, we understand the forces in play—market, product, technological, economic, financial, trade, transportation, energy, regulatory, demographic, and political —and the ways they interact to influence automotive industry market opportunities.

Products and Services

Automotive Custom Solutions

IHS Global Insight Automotive Experts

For more than 30 years, our expert team has provided an independent, fact-based view of the global automotive industry, fully supported by our 325+ economists and analysts worldwide with expertise in over 120 industries and 200 countries.

IHS Global Insight is the world leader in economic and financial analysis, forecasting, and market intelligence—with more than 40 years' experience and an outstanding record for accuracy.

NADA/IHS Automotive Forum 2011

IHS Acquires CSM Worldwide

7 Jun 16
Autonomous vehicle sales forecast to reach 21 mil. globally in 2035, according to IHS Automotive

10 Mar 16
BMW enjoys strong 2015 with net profit rising 10% y/y to USD7 bil.

17 Dec 15
Leading players lose share in Brazil's light-vehicle market as sales, production decline in 2015

16 Dec 15
Ford announces software collaboration, to test autonomous cars in California, using Gorilla Glass on GT supercar


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