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Nariman Behravesh, in Top-10 U.S. Economists for 2010

Responding to the needs of leading consumer goods and retail companies, IHS Global Insight has created a new foundation of analytic work that leverages the best economic forecasting methods to develop a complete understanding of tomorrow's consumer behavior at the local, national, and international levels.

We help organizations:
  • Measure how changes in different economies can impact their future businesses.
  • Discover which international markets hold the most potential for their categories.
  • Integrate economic and demographic forecasts into their regional marketing plans.
  • Understand which new risks could threaten their future supply chains.
  • Integrate advertising and media spending forecasts into their promotion plans.

IHS Global Insight Consumer Goods and Retail Experts

Our expert team provides an independent, fact-based view of consumer markets, fully supported by our 325+ economists and analysts worldwide with expertise in over 120 industries and 200 countries.

IHS Global Insight is the world leader in economic and financial analysis, forecasting, and market intelligence, with more than 40 years of experience and an outstanding record for accuracy.

11 May 10
Credit Conditions Are Still a Constraint for a Recovery in Consumer MarketsĀ 

3 Sep 09
Consumer Markets Hampered by Tight Credit Conditions

6 Jul 09
Timing of Consumer Recovery Determines "Go-To" Market Strategy

19 Mar 09
Selecting a Marketing Mix Strategy: Why the Economy Matters

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