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Global Risk Service

The Global Risk Service is the only service of its kind to measure specific investment risks on a country-by-county basis. Taking advantage of IHS Global Insight's extensive capabilities for in-depth country analysis, we use a bottom-up approach to monitor ongoing developments and events within each country and, in context with global conditions, provide a systematic and comprehensive picture of business risks anywhere in the world.

Delivered through our client-access Web site, MyInsight and updated quarterly, our Global Risk Service covers over 140 countries, providing you with quantitative and qualitative assessments.

Service Features

  • Aggregate country-risk scores for over 140 countries: including the one- and five-year risk level for each country.
  • Comprehensive assessments of country risk for over 140 countries: Using 54 precisely defined risk factors—from immediate risks such as tax policies and currency depreciation, to secondary risks including terrorism and trade conflicts.
  • Assessments of 12 investment types: identifying the unique sensitivities of each within the context of each country's risk factors.

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