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Global Financial Data and Financial Indicators

Our Global Financial Database includes key financial indicators for more than 75 countries and broad financial data coverage for over 200 countries covering:
  • Commodities/Futures: exchange-traded futures, including synthetic nearby contracts for all major commodities/futures reported in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Asia
  • Derivatives: banker acceptances, caps/floors, forward rate agreements, index options, interest-rate options/swaps/swaptions, and zero-coupon swap-yield curves
  • Equities: all major exchanges reported for North America and Canada; equity concepts include adjusted and unadjusted prices, volume, dividend data, corporate actions, fundamental information, and global equity pricing and fundamentals data
  • Money markets: key rates with extensive history as far back as 1970; data updated for market close—on certificates of deposit, commercial paper, discount, euro deposit and interbank bid/ask/deposit fixings, and policy rates
  • Exchange rates: coverage of all major currency pairs including emerging markets
  • Fixed income: benchmark yield curves, mortgage bonds/rates, repurchase agreements, and sovereign debt
  • Indexes: broad market coverage for the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia
  • Stock markets: over 90 equity exchanges and 80+ countries; attributed data include concept, geography, source, and frequency
And specialty databases including:
  • CFTC: Commitment of Traders Data
  • Standard & Poor's Financials

Data Access Options

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